A Fakataha is a meeting, which has been this weeks main activity. Now when I say meeting, I mean a meeting in Peace Corps Tonga style. This means that the All Volunteer conference was held at a little "resort" on the beach. We ate semi decent food, talked about some semi relevant topics, and had the waves crashing in the background the entire time. I shared a bungalow with two other girls from Vava'u and we were right on the beach. Swimming and bonfires were a definite must over the two day conference. Then we ventured back to the city for some down time over the weekend. The stimulation was too much for me. Two more days of meetings which were actually very awesome and now it is time to head back. I may be stuck here an extra few days due to the airline unreliability, but I won't find out until tomorrow morning at 6 AM at the airport.
There are some program changes that I have just learned about and so I may start doing some teaching in the primary school near my village. I'm excited for the change and hope to implement a few new things in my village. I feel like I always start off with high energy at first sight and then as time passes I get stuck in the routine of village life. I really would like to stay on top of my game and bring life into my projects. I guess I need to focus on some personal motivation issues. Maybe that is where you all can come in. Give me energy!!!!!!!
It's hard to describe the changes that I am going through while I'm here. I do feel that I have experienced some major personal growth that was needed. I wish everyone had the opportunity to see the best and worst side of themselves.
It's pretty much settled - I'm going to kayak for Christmas. It's a seven day camping trip where I get to kayak from island to island. It will be a new version of a Christmas experience, but I'm looking forward to it. Not to say that you all won't be missed because it definitely won't be the same without you all. I can't believe that the countdown is so close. Time feels different here. I also don't have all the advertisers telling me that it is Christmas time and "time to shop". Christmas here is about Church and food. I don't know which version I like best.
Anyway - hope all is well.



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